Holly Corbett, Agent/Owner, Holly Corbett Represents
Amy Rae Gerber is an exceptional Art Director. We've worked with her for a few years, and she always brings something unique to every shoot. She's not afraid to push the boundaries and will always go the extra mile. Amy's always thinking ahead and is a true collaborator on set; not to mention her concepts/storyboards are incredible, clear and precise. We always enjoy working with Amy to create her and the brand's vision.

Susan B. Gallo, Creative Director, North America, Avon Products Inc.
It is evident in her creative direction that Amy Gerber possesses that special something...a vision and aesthetic...that consistently delivers compelling and beautiful creative. From ideating a concept to executing a photo shoot, Amy's impeccable taste, sense of photography, and attention to detail are obvious in her creative executions. Amy is a perfectionist who will leave no stone unturned when casting the perfect model, finding the best photographer, and styling a set or wardrobe. Her keen eye and business savvy strike the perfect balance to produce exceptional visuals that are both beautiful and commercially viable. I've had the pleasure of working with Amy to develop new brands and refresh existing ones as well. For these projects Amy brought a bright and modern vision to her concepts, and followed through with executions that were both strategically and visually spot on...and always with an original, unique flair.

Paul Himmelein, Copy Director, North American Brochure at Avon Products, Inc.
Amy Gerber is truly gifted. She has exceptional aesthetics; they are elevated, tasteful, perfect. She makes everything she touches look amazing, she creates wonderful worlds. I challenge you to find someone with a better eye or more beautiful touch. Amy is a sensitive creative director. The attention she gives to casting is as detailed as the attention she gives to photography, lighting and styling. Regardless of the project, Amy’s conceptualization is always right on. She delivers more than her clients could ever envision and ends up exciting them in ways they hadn’t imagined. I am pleased and honored to have worked with her.

Tiffany Teves-Conway, Director of Products at Avon Products, Inc.
I worked closely with Amy on many brochures and shoots for Avon. In every single project, Amy’s amazing taste and high standards always elevates our work. She understands the balance between creativity and business requirements, receiving and implementing feedback with grace and skill. With Amy, I am always confident about the quality of the work I am getting, and that it will always be better than what I expect. She is a pleasure to partner with for outstanding creative direction.

Adam Lloyd, President at Held & Lloyd, Talent Acquisition
Amy Gerber has incredible style that is genuine. Just a hip awareness of what's "right"; she is a creative on lifestyle brands at places like Avon and has strong editorial experience as a style director at Meredith. She's got a natural, breezy writing style, part stream of conciousness, part club scene. I adore her and think she'd do a brilliant job for you.

Peter Feldman, Producer, Havas Worldwide
Amy Gerber has got charm and charisma, is hard working, fun, smart and experienced; strong retail chops working with top management, creative directors, brand managers, and production. Amy is the kind of person I wouldn't hesitate to recommend for a job; she has a level of enthusiasm and excitement that are not often found in someone so experienced.

Miriam Arond, Director, Hearst
Amy has superb taste, an unerring eye, and a commitment to producing quality work. As Market/Style Director of Child magazine, Amy did a spectacular job covering the home, women's fashion, and children's markets. At each and every product preview meeting, she'd impress me by her ability to zero in on just the right items to present in our beautiful lifestyle pages. In addition to her strong visual sense, love of product, and strong work ethic, Amy was an absolute pleasure to work with.